Our Team

Barakah Health and Wellness is made up of a series of Partners, students and teachers, focused on the Philosophical and Spiritual aspect of life.

We hold workshops and meetings of different disciplines and cultures where you can choose what best suits each person's way of thinking.

Below we briefly detail some information about our professionals and the sectors in which they specialize.


Mr. Jorge Luis Planas Fernández is a specialist in Astrology and Human Psychology, being our main Professor of the science that studies our behavior through the stars. As an expert on the human psyche, he is a great spiritual guide and advisor.

He is in charge of teaching our General Astrology courses and applied to the human personality, thus offering the opportunity to delve deeper into ourselves using knowledge of the stars as a tool.

Mr. Jorge Luis also offers private consultations for guidance and spiritual development for those who require it.


Mr. David Castro Paz specializes in different subjects, the most notable being psychotherapy and the science of Alchemy along with its application to medicinal plants (Spagyria).

He is also a Facilitator of a series of indigenous rituals from America where he has been studying with the elders of various tribes for more than 12 years and will be in charge of the guide of different kind of group ceremonies as well as private rituals for more specific consultations.

He is in charge of teaching our Spagyria & Alchemy courses in Barakah obtaining this knowledge from direct inheritance from a very early age.