What we do


Our astrology courses and workshops always focus from an internal and not an external point of observation (although it may sound paradoxical since this science is about the influence of the stars on us). In recent years there has been a great boom in astrology courses and workshops but very few teachers or schools teach them in an adequate way since astrology tends to be explained as an external influence that makes us behave in a specific way or have a specific personality...

"I was born under these astrological influences that's why I am like this"

"The moon makes my emotions run wild"

If we approach astrology in this way we are falling into a big trap that only justifies our behavior through something external to us.

At Barakah we use astrology as a guide and method of diagnosing our ego or personality. Thus, a person who is born with an specific position of the planets in the firmament, indicates precisely all those aspects from which that person must release himself to evolve spiritually and although his personality was governed by this astrological positions, this does not mean that it is the way to follow or a way of justification, but rather it is about those aspects and emotions of us that we must learn to master.

Therefore astrology offers us a unique guide to decipher our personality and help us tame these emotions and behaviors to allow our true being to emerge, that is the real point of Astrology.

Spagyria is the art of transforming plants through various alchemical processes to generate all types of medicinal products and supplements. Among these procedures we can highlight maceration, distillation and extraction of mineral components from the ashes of the plant through calcination, although these would only be the physical aspects of said transformation.

Our spagyria workshops focus mainly on the philosophical and energetic part of alchemy, since it is really the key to the entire spagyric process and without it spagyria would be nothing more than a banal laboratory practice obtaining medicines without other results than the physicals properties of the plants.

In the future, if there are people interested and with the necessary level of knowledge and spiritual development, the possibility of taking an advanced spagyric course with laboratory practices and creation of alchemical remedies with all their potential will be offered. Meanwhile, our workshops are fully theoretical, philosophical and energetic to understand the true essence of this beautiful and magical art whose true application offers us endless possibilities for healing and understanding.

For all those interested in laboratory practices and preparation of medicinal remedies, we will offer another kind of workshops focused on the introduction to medicinal plants from our land and other parts of the world.


In this course, a series of theoretical and practical knowledge will be taught to learn how to make different kinds of medicinal remedies, also following among others proceses some spagyric practices but in a simple way, without needing an advanced alchemical knowledge or deep spiritual development. In this way we can make contact with certain techniques and processes to also develop in the practical field.

We offer a series of workshops and meetings for all types of audiences, covering different practices and sciences such as astrology applied to our personal development, Spagyria or plant alchemy, ancestral indigenous medicine from different parts of America, as well as various kinds of therapies , that patients will have available with us.

We have an upcoming events section where the diferent workshops and meetings will be announced.

Below we shortly present a small summary of the different practices and traditions that we put at your disposal.

Spagyria y Alchemy


The temazcal or sweat lodge is an ancestral indigenous ceremony from North America that, as its name indicates, takes place inside a small lodge that can be made of clay and stones (Temazcali Mexica) or made of sticks covered with skins or blankets (inipi Lakota) where they are introduced hot stones with the intention of raising up the temperature just as happens in a sauna.

Inside a unique kind of alchemy is created by unifying all the elements into one because the stones, such as the earth element, are heated through the fire element until they reach a point of incandescence, at which time they are introduced into the lodge where while we sing some traditional songs, the water element is poured over them, generating a vapor (air element) that contains the entire essence of life and breathing it we can heal many kind of issues and pathologies, as well as help us elevate our spirit and go deep inside our being.

After the ceremonial heating of the stones in a consecrated fire for about an hour, the ceremony inside the lodge will last approximately an hour and a half and may vary depending on the occasion.

During this time there will be 4 different parts that we call doors, we call them like that because they are the moments in which the door is opened and more incandescent stones are introduced, in the same way each door corresponds to an element and therefore to an aspect that we are working on each one of them. After the last door, the ceremony concludes with a bath or shower of fresh water to close the pores and clean away the sweat and dirt.

Our temazcal ceremonies are a compendium of various forms from different cultures with which we have been able to study over the last 12 years. Thanks to these ceremonial designs we achieve a physical, emotional and energetic cleansing with which to restore order in our body and achieve greater spiritual peace.